Which archive is right for you?

Video Message

Your personalized video archive.

  • Video only

  • 50 Year Digital Archive

  • Standard Features Included

50 Years

Self Assemble  |  Video Archive

$69.00 / onetime payment

A simple elegant video created using the Not Forgotten film tools, traceable through the library for your lifetime.

  • Video only

  • 150 Year Digital Archive

  • Unique Features

150 Years

Self Assemble  |  Video Archive

$89.00 / onetime payment

Say "hello" great grandchildren. Same as the 50 year legacy plus extra 100 years and a personalized library card.

Multimedia Storage

Additional storage for your multimedia content.

  • A public personalized library record will be created and linked to your archive. ​

  • Upload collections of art, music, sport, video, family history and legacies.

  • 20GB storage. (approximately 20 hours of home video)

Memory Box

Self Assemble  |  Multimedia Storage

$449.99 / onetime payment

Mega storage for entire collections of digital memories. Preserved for 150 years with a personalized library card making your legacy easy to find and access.