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Video Message

Your personalized video archive.

  • Video only

  • 50 Year Digital Archive

  • Standard Features Included

50 Years

Self Assemble  |  Video Archive

$69.00 / onetime payment

A simple elegant video created using the Not Forgotten film tools, traceable through the library for your lifetime.

  • Video only

  • 150 Year Digital Archive

  • Unique Features

150 Years

Self Assemble  |  Video Archive

$89.00 / onetime payment

Say "hello" great grandchildren. Same as the 50 year legacy plus extra 100 years and a personalized library card.

Multimedia Storage

Additional storage for your multimedia content.

  • A public personalized library record will be created and linked to your archive. ​

  • Upload collections of art, music, sport, video, family history and legacies.

  • 20GB storage. (approximately 20 hours of home video)

Memory Box

Self Assemble  |  Multimedia Storage

$449.99 / onetime payment

Mega storage for entire collections of digital memories. Preserved for 150 years with a personalized library card making your legacy easy to find and access. 

  • A public personalized library record will be created and linked to your archive. ​

  • Upload of own memorabilia-family tree books, photos, vital documents, voicemails, sound recordings.

  • 2GB storage (approximately 1000 photos from our smartphone). ​​

  • Optional blockchain smart contract with your personal transaction on the Ethereum blockchain will link your records to your Time Capsule.

300 Years

Self Assemble  |  Multimedia Storage

$149.00 / onetime payment

This well rounded "we've thought of everything" legacy product offers  a styled video, ample storage space for all your digital life, personalized library record and 10 generations of preservation.

We do the styling and you do the talking. Film your way on the app using teleprompters, templates and interview guides; or simply upload your own production.

Your Documentary

Your legacy is issued its own library card and mapped on the Not Forgotten library of legacies. Your card is shared in the worlds largest library catalog, ready to be discovered for centuries.

Mapping Technology

Three generations of your family history are linked to your archive records in the universal genealogy code - GEDCOM. Upload your GEDCOM to any family history site now and for generations to come.

Genealogy File (GEDCOM)

Powered by an Ai Ecosystem, we  convert spoken your words from your video into readable and searchable text which is transferred to your libray record. Text analytics can then be applied to those transcriptions for further insight into what was spoken

Cognitive Engine

The Not Forgotten Ethereum smart contract records your archive and chains it on the blockchain to your family history. Safely distributed, tamper proof and discoverable by families for centuries.

Blockchain Smart Contract

Future proofing your legacy. Three copies of each archive are secured on three types of media in three locations . The trust manages regular technology format updates and all archives are monitored for data decay to ensure legacies are always in good healthy. 

Hybrid Storage

Archive Features

Your legacy – your way

Standard Features

Mapping Technology

Intelligent tracing tools are used to map each legacy in the WorldCat - the worlds consolidated library catalog. Making finding legacies as easy as doing a library book search.

Hybrid Physical-Digital Storage

Copies of each archive are preserved on three types of media, in three locations and actively monitored for rot. The technology of each legacy product is updated regularly to ensure its accessible for centuries.

Genealogy File (GEDCOM)

The references and records of your legacy are linked to three generations of your family data. When this file is uploaded to any genealogy tool, your legacy can be discovered and easily accessed.

Not Forgotten Video Archive

Secure your archive in the care of the Preservation Trust worry free for generations of your descendants to enjoy. Option to keep it completely private for up to 50 years. 

Democratized Ownership

Digital Preservation Trust

Library 2.0

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 Gift Certificates

For customers who want a recipient to receive something more tangible than a digital gift card they can select a luxury envelope which will be to be delivered to their intended recipient's physical address (USA and Canada only). Our digital gift cards can be printed out and given to the recipient on the day you choose.


Bookings are made online and confirmed via email. Once the booking is complete customers are ready to start assembling their archive.

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Futureproof Storage

Keeping archives healthy & ready to open or play

Futureproof Search

.Easy to find by families generations from now

Futureproof Access

Your archive is protected by our Trust for your access

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Not Forgotten offers professional grade storage, search and access tools in the form of personal digital archives–keeping memories alive, free-to-find and easy-to-access for generations.

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