Helping the Holidays Last

Built on professional grade storage, search and access tools our personal digital archives last 50-300 years. Keeping memories alive, free-to-find and easy-to-access for generations.

Beating Digital Decay 

MEMORIES ARE IMPORTANT. THE BEST ONES NEVER FADE. BUT WHAT KEEPS MEMORIES ALIVE? Silent data corruption is now "widespread" (Facebook and Google 2021). All media will suffer catastrophic damage naturally. But software and crashes and bugs and malware and the never ending march or format changes are the enemies of memory preservation.

"Nobody & nothing can be trusted." Distinguished Amazon engineer


Locate your legacy

"Every human has a unique story"

International Business Times


Sometimes you need to be the voice that speaks for loved ones. Do justice to their life and achievements and secure their legacy. The Not Forgotten Digital Preservation Trust will keep their story alive through your shared memories kept safe together with their legacy documents, photos, videos or social media. 

Gift Experiences

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Have you researched your family history or amassed a collection of memorabilia and digital keepsakes? Do you have a grandparent with a full life of stories? Whether you want to store it for your own life, for your grandchildren or you want to create a legacy that lasts and lasts, secure the stories and documents in a Not Forgotten legacy product

Life's work

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Celebrate landmark events and family gatherings for lifetimes. Secure the old stories retold and new ones made at all of life's celebrations for generations of your family to enjoy.  Not Forgotten legacy products keep memories alive and make personal, thoughtful, unique gifts for every occasion. 


Assembling Legacy

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We believe you own you.  Safe from censorship, likes, cancels & comments. Subscription free, and as private as you choose. We often don't know what we've lost until it's gone and we're gradually eroding our concepts of what is ours. Don't let your memories be scanned and valued only as ad-tracking material. Place your legacy in the care of the Digital Preservation Trust .

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