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The Modern Legacy

Built on professional grade storage, search and access tools our personal digital archives last 50-300 years. Keeping memories alive, free-to-find and easy-to-access for generations.

Beating Digital Decay 

MEMORIES ARE IMPORTANT. THE BEST ONES NEVER FADE. BUT WHAT KEEPS MEMORIES ALIVE? Silent data corruption is now "widespread" (Facebook and Google 2021). All media will suffer catastrophic damage naturally. But software and crashes and bugs and malware and the never ending march or format changes are the enemies of memory preservation.

"Nobody & nothing can be trusted." Distinguished Amazon engineer


Locate your legacy

"Every human has a unique story"

International Business Times


​Legacy products are a gift like no other - providing a priceless gift for generations of a family. 

Gift certificates are available for all products. Download the certificate and surprise them with this thoughtful gift them on their special day. 

Timeless gifts for the ones you love the most

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​Our business is home to landmark moments, and stories needing to be told.  We use the funds generated from legacy products sales to invest back into our community. Together we benefit from an engaging and historic program that can inspire others for generations.

​Every product sold through our organization contributes to our community

Engaging our community

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Your story professionally filmed and secured for generations using Not Forgotten® Library 2.0 technology - keeping stories and legacies secure for up to 300 years. Don’t sacrifice your memories to time or digital decay - secure them today.

Your legacy deserves to last.

Assembling Legacy

What you receive

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We believe you own you.  Safe from censorship, likes, cancels & comments. Subscription free, and as private as you choose. We often don't know what we've lost until it's gone and we're gradually eroding our concepts of what is ours. Don't let your memories be scanned and valued only as ad-tracking material. Place your legacy in the care of the Digital Preservation Trust .

Your Data.

Our Trust.


Library 2.0 is a professional grade storage, search and access infrastructure. This keeps legacies free-to-find and easy-to-access for future generations - anywhere, anytime. As simple as a Google search or checking a book out of a library.

Check your legacy into Library 2.0


Gold standard preservation. Not Forgotten legacies are shielded from natural disaster, data rot and cyber attacks. Every product has a tape copy which is stored in high security vaults off-site. Digital copies are stored in bi-coastal cloud storage facilities. Our library conducts regular technology updates, monitors for data rot and and complies with world class archiving and meta-data standards.

Your Archive

Keeping Memories Alive for Generations

The Map of Legacies

How it works

Timeless Connection

We believe that your legacy deserves to last, and that we can outpace data and format rot. We believe your media belongs to you and that timeless stories need timeless storage

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