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We believe your legacy deserves to last - for generations. Safe from censorship, likes, cancels & comments. Subscription free.
We often don't know what we've lost until it's gone. We're gradually eroding our concepts of what is ours, what others should be able to see, and what's an acceptable risk. Today there are a few very large companies which have an outsized influence on our online lives. Having large companies with control over so much of our data is not working for privacy or freedom of expression. 
As part of our values and beliefs Not Forgotten legacies will never be censored, tampered with or "cancelled".
We believe that our stories help us all see how we connect to the world. We believe that by participating in the Not Forgotten library we will all contribute to having better understanding of our past. 
We believe that leaving a legacy should not cost a fortune, so all our products are priced as one time payments so that you own your space, rent free for up to 300 years.

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Keeping Legacies Secure

Not Forgotten is on a mission to keep legacies alive & secure for generations. To ensure that we pass on as much as possible from one generation to the next we need to share stories; we need to write to each other, and about each other; and we need to record our voices and our likenesses. We cannot preserve everything. And not everything needs to be preserved. But the more we talk, the more we write and the more we document, the better chance some fragment of our expressions and experiences will make its way to our descendants. 
It's a mission with a simple premise - to keep stories and legacies secure, and make stories discoverable and accessible for future generations to enjoy. But to do anything guaranteed to last generations, you need cultural institutions, not for profits. You can count on cultural institutions like libraries and museums to be conservative and last the longest and to be participating in preserving family history. Think of weddings and funerals. Traditional events like these connect generations. Cultural institutions play a significant role in preserving memory. 
To fulfill our mission we built Library 2.0 platform and established both the Digital Preservation Trust and the Not Forgotten Library Depository - which are both independent from the Not Forgotten Operations - to preserve the independence of the legacies for generations.


Who would you most like to have dinner with?

It started with a conversation about “who would you most like to have dinner with”.  Without a pause Paul spoke about how much he would have valued being able to have dinner with his Dad - just once - to get a sense of who he was, what mattered to him, hear his laughter - and the profound regret that all he has now are faded photos, a newspaper article and a few frayed vital records.

The more we looked into it, the greater the obstacles and limitations we found to being able to preserve stories for the next generation to enjoy. Almost all stories are lost or forgotten over time. So what keeps memories alive? ….That’s important to consider because time is unkind to photographs, documents and videos. Due to this "digital decay" most of the photographic and digital material we all have won't survive for generations.  Which means history will go unnoticed, memories will be lost, and stories will die. We found that until now there has been nowhere families can go to store, search, and access their legacies.

As engineers with a passion for innovation we believed there was a better way to save stories. And over the next two years the founders Paul and Adrienne Waterman Not Forgotten’s team of archivists, genealogists, blockchain experts, and audio visual media technologists created Library 2.0. A solution which gives every family the opportunity to affordably enjoy their history without the worry about how to preserve it or find it generations from now.  To complement the technology, we opened a library and formed the Digital Preservation Trust which provides the ultimate peace of mind to our customers.

On the headstone of LP Watermans grave in the remote town of Kalkaska, Michigan is written the inscription “Not Forgotten”.​​

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Not Forgotten offers professional grade storage, search and access tools in the form of personal digital archives–keeping memories alive, free-to-find and easy-to-access for generations.

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