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Announcing  a new partnership in the wedding planner industry with Chapel Events in Los Angeles.





Welcoming award winning cinematographer Tim Ciccarelli of Inbound Media to the certified film team - now filming legacies in Denver and LA.





"The memorabilia we bury is often less important than what it reveals about our efforts to bypass institutional memory"

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Search The Archives

Searching for a legacy? Multiple records are attached to each archive to ensure it can never go missing 

Stopping Digital Decay

Not Forgotten screens for data rot and regularly updates file formats. So the legacies in our care are always healthy and accessible.

Library 2.0 Protocol

Not Forgotten's professional grade archival protocol. Future-proofing your archive with search, storage and access tools

What You Receive

Your own documentary accompanied by your digital media with its own library record.  Preserved in three places. Protected by a trust fund. 

Our World

International Time Capsule Society

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Providing library 2.0 services to ITCS to catalog every one of its time capsules recorded since 1937

Not Forgotten Digital Preservation Trust

Independent and working hand in hand with the Library. The preservation trust ensures your legacy survives and can be found and accessed for 300 years.

Archive, connect & share

your history for generations.


Archive life's celebrations for generations.

Graduations, weddings, babies and reunions.


Safe for generations to appreciate.

Family history, art, recipes, sports, family history.

Life's Works 

Be the voice for loved ones. Secure their legacy.


Record and document your will. 


Personalized connection through time.


Keeping Legacy Alive

Not Forgotten offers professional grade storage, search and access tools in the form of personal digital archives – keeping memories alive, free-to-find and easy-to-access for generations.


Video Message

+ Multimedia Storage

Video Message

+ Multimedia Storage

Which archive is right for you?

Archive Features

Your Documentary

Archive Feature

We do the styling and you do the talking. Film your way on the app using teleprompters, templates and interview guides; or simply upload your own production.

Hybrid Storage

Archive Feature

Future proofing your legacy. Three copies of each archive are secured on three types of media in three locations . The trust manages regular technology format updates and all archives are monitored for data decay to ensure legacies are always in good healthy. 

Blockchain Smart Contract

Archive Feature

The Not Forgotten Ethereum smart contract records your archive and chains it on the blockchain to your family history. Safely distributed, tamper proof and discoverable by families for centuries.

Genealogy (GEDCOM) File

Archive Feature

Three generations of your family history are linked to your archive records in the universal genealogy code - GEDCOM. Upload your GEDCOM to any family history site now and for generations to come.

Cognetive Engine

Archive Feature

Powered by an Ai Ecosystem, we  convert spoken your words from your video into readable and searchable text which is transferred to your libray record. Text analytics can then be applied to those transcriptions for further insight into what was spoken

Geo Mapping Technology

Archive Feature

Your legacy is issued its own library card and mapped on the Not Forgotten library of legacies. Your card is shared in the worlds largest library catalog, ready to be discovered for centuries.

Library 2.0

Our professional grade storage, search, and access protocol keeps your archives protected for the future.